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big story tonight. the case against rodger clemens and got underway this morning with opening statements in the district. the prosecution said they have evident, the scientific evidence the former yankee lied to congress. clemens' attorneys fired back claiming the main witness is a liar and paul wagner is here with more. >> reporter: prosecutor steven durham begin the governor's case and saying it was found on needles and cottonballs saved by clemens' former trainer brian mcnamie. needles and cottonballs that contain steroids. he didn't trust clemmens and that is why he saved them. the attorney of clemens said mcnamie manufactured the evidence and has been lying all along to save his own skin. in the opening statement to the jury, the prosecutor said the governor would call 45 witnesses, including the former yankee andy pettitte who will testify that rodger clippens
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told him on two occasions -- clemensel to him on two occasions he used human growth hormones. and he said the government will prove ashipment of hdh was sent to clemens' home in houston and they have the truth. on top of, that the former trainer will take the stand and testify that he injected the serve-time siyou award winner with steroids and hgh. the proof will come, durham told the jury, from needles and cottonballs mcnamie saved because he thought clemens would throw him under the bus. he wanted to be able to back up whatever story he may have to tell. clemens admitted getting b-12 and lidocane shots from mcnamie but never steroids. the government said there is no evidence the needles were useditor lidocane or b-12. the attorney took an hour to tell the jury that clemens' stellar career is inconsistent with steroids use and clemens was a fanatic about training and was always working out and
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hardinel to the jury, brian mcnamie began telling his lies in 2007 when he was caught by the government and convinced to cooperate or face prosecution. since then, hardin told the jury, it's been nothing but lies. as for andy pits, who the government said had a conversation with clemens where he admitted taking hgh, pettitte is confused over what he may have heard. clemens is facing scounts of perjury, making false statements and obstruction of congress. the government said that clemens had no obligation to testify before congress and made his statements voluntarily. rusty hardin said if clemens had not shown up voluntarily, he would have been subpoenaed. rusty harden's parting shot was to tell the jury more than 100 law enforcement officers chris crossed the country, germthy and puerto rico looking for evidence against the client. the only person who can connect him to steroids is brian mcnami. there is a gag order in this
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case and it'sup certain whether anyone will be called to testify and the trial is expected to last until august. >> thank you, paul wagner. we're following a developing story out of prince georges county right now and that is where police are investigating a homicide. the shooting happened at a home on liveingstone and dever drive in bowie. when officers arrived, they found the victim dead inside the home. police are questioning two people of interest in the case and we're staying on top of this. we have a crew on the scene and we'll bring you the latest tonight. the news edge in virginia where a man is accused of sexually assault women in two separate incidents, jobless women who went looking for help for a job said he forced them to watch pornography and sexually assaulted them. police believe there are other will haves out there who have not come forward yet.
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fairfax county police would like to hear from you. >> marion barry's son is facing a drug dealing charge. marion christopher barry was arrested in may. they found pcp and marijuana in his d.c. apartment. they went to the part, they say, after a report -- apartment, they say, after a report of a fight. there was more pcp than one person would use and there were five sandwich bags of marijuana. the younger barry jumped out of a window to avoid the police and was arrested when returned. no comment from dad councilman barry. d.c. mayor gray gets subpoenaed and it may not hold up in court and this is centering earn the fight for voting right in the district. the amc commissioner keith silver was arrested during an april 18th protest. silver's attorney subpoenaed mayor gray to testify. today, this city's attorney asked the why to tow out the subpoena and saying he's too busy and there are other witnesses. >> the mayor was an oops to the event surrounding this
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incident. he participated and spoke, he's an important witness. mr. silver's liberty is at stake here. the judge scheduled the hearing for september to decide if the mayor can be forced to testify. he is fighting the chars and the fine from his arrest. and congressional leaders return to the white house today over the looming debt ceiling deadline. yesterday, president obama warned the social security checks may not go out if a deal is not reached and today, the chairman of the federal reserve weighed in with more dire warnings. >> reporter: with both the questions and concerns growing, federal reserve chairman ben bernanke told congress on wednesday that he would respond if the debt seals is not raised. >> the federal reserve remans prepared to respond some should economic developments indicate an adjustment in the stance of economic policy would be appropriate. >> reporter: the testimony follows president obama's
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comments that he could not gaiter social security checks would go out august 3rd. if the debt ceiling is not raised by august 2nd. a theme the administration continued today. >> and there is no alternative to the united states honoring its obligation. that we can't play a game of chick win the full face and credit of the united states government. >> reporter: while republican leaders continue to negotiate with the white house some conservatives said that they don't believe there would be any problems if the debt ceiling was not razed. >> the president and treasury secretary have been trying to pass off the american people and that is this, that congress fails to raise the debt ceiling by $2.5 trillion, that somehow the united states will go into defall and we'll -- default and we'll lose the credit of the united states. -- the budget committee said the consequences -- republicans are holding up again by refuses to call on increasing revenue.
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>> yet requires give and take. and give me, go of me, give me and i'm not willing to give anything in return. >> reporter: chris van holland warns that federal workers could be told to stay home if the government defaults on the license. >> and it has a very severe impact on some federal employees. it would mean shutting down major parts of the government and the consequences for all of the people who rely on those protect. >> reporter: running backs say it's the democratic plane that would do the most damage. raising a trillion dollars in new taxes with unemployment stuck at 9.2% and still, gop leaders say that one way or another, a deal must get done. >> we're not going ting to send the signal to the markets and the american people that default is an option. >> reporter: and there is more dire news about all of this tonight and just the last hour. moody's, the investment group, said it was issuing a
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cautionary warning about the united states credit rating system because of the uncertainty, laura, whether or not the debt ceiling will be raised. >> and thank you, tom fitzgerald. >> three coordinated bombingser to through the heart of mumbai, india, killing 21 people. more than 100 were hurt. this is the one of the terrorist act take in the country since the 2008 mumbai siege and it comes months after peace talks resume between india and pakistan. indian -- speculate coming is behind the blasts. the past attacks are based on militants out of pakistan. >> a california woman accused of doing theup thinkable to her husband. >> when the officers went in there, they found the husband tied to the bed and bleeding profusely to the groin area. >> why this is stirring up memories of another woman who dominated the headlines in the '90s. and rodney king is back in the news for all the wrong reasons. back in two.  [ child's voice ] ooh, that looks good.
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>> the man whose beating by police sparked the 1998 riots is in trouble with the law. he was arrested for driving under the influence. king has publicly struggled with sobriety. even appearing on the show "celebrity rehab." a california woman was arrested for a disturbing act of violence against her estranged husband. the peace say catherine becker invited -- catherine becker invited her husband over-for- dinner, drugged him and cut off his peopleis and threw it in the disposal. he told arriving officers he deserved it. becker filed for divorce in may. this reminds everyone of the lorena bob it case. in 1993, she cut out her husband's penis and threw it out into a field. she claimed years of sexual
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abuse led to the attack and was acquitted. the police did find it and it was reattached to the husband. the couple divorced in 1995. cars spray painted with graffiti, tire slashed. it happened in the montgomery county neighborhood. where this might be more than vandalism. plus. >> how this guy's zooming through town quickly and he'll gradually -- gladly top is to tell you his story. i am beth parker, coming up, how he's saving lives. and first. the marine who convinced actress mela kunis to be his date at the marine corp ball has competition. corporal desantis in quantico posted a2 video of her own asking justin timberlake to accompany her to the ball in november. they are costars in the new movie "friends with benefits." the corporal said if he doesn't
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accept, he can, quote, cry he a river. 
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of about we get to weather, won't to tell but something going on in montgomery county. investigators are trying to track down the suspect or suspects who vandalized 20 vehicles, some spray painted with the expensive graffiti and several had their tires slashed. they hit about every vehicle parked in silver springs. detectives say the incidents may be hate crimes based on what the graffiti showed. >> a man is travelling the country on two wheels spreading the word about a life-saving cause and right now in the d.c. metro area, there are about 2,000 people waiting for an organ transplant and the cyclist might be helping save some of the lives? beth parker has the story.
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>> reporter: the foot is his, the kidney is someone else's but it's heart that keeps david landsburg rolling along. he's a 52-year-old from texas, passing through the nation's capital on what he calls a 50/50/50 bike ride. >> 50 states, 50 days, 50 rides, 50 miles each. >> reporter: he's called eagan donation. he was born with a genetic did i -- kidney disease. >> you're literally being poisoned from the inside out. >> reporter: in 1999, the call came. >> i was on dialysis one night and got a phone call, asked me if i wanted the kidney and i thought about it through about that long and said absolutely r. he received a kidney from a six-year-old boy who died in the car accident. >> at that moment horrible, horrible moment, something i can't imagine as his parents, they said how can we make our son a hero and how can we know
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that he changed the world? >> reporter: for david, the bicycle is a vehicle to transport his message. the message that around the country, there are 110,000 people waiting for an organ and every day in the u.s., 18 of those people died waiting. so david has become a pied pipe or wheels. strangers come around to see how they are organ deaners. >> you can go online to >> reporter: he can convert in an instant. >> you got my word. >> reporter: he illicits promises and is keeping one of his own about really liveing the newfound life. >> you can either feel sorry for yourself in the conditions that you have and what is going on or you can be thankful for what you do have. >> reporter: it's contagious. he gets a free tuneup and a riding buddy from a d.c. shop called bicycle space and some d.c. police join him for a few miles. it helps with the grueling
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pace. >> my doctors want to lock me up in the psyche ward. he doesn't think i'm stable to want to do something like this to my body. >> reporter: but being a little crazy can carry you some distance. 50 miles a day, to be exact. in washington, beth parker, fox 5 news. >> brate story. i am -- great story. >> i am no doctor but great in attitude big time. >> and fit, too. >> true. >> 50-miles a day. >> and tough to do in this kind of weather. >> it is. he's going to like the biking the next few days, laura. >> okay. >> and we have had a huge vacuum cleaner. the mother of all vacuum cleaners coming through to bust the heat and humidity again and that is nothing like the relief that you get after the storms have passed and they're a big storm, we were under severe thunderstorm watch for a while and remains in effect south of the area because of the storms that moved on south and so, you're going to notice that temperature. the strongest is well the
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south. heading to september marry's county and over to the eastern shore. i wanted you to so what it looks like in three did megs and this is year to see all of the updrafts and this is where we're getting the strong winds we have had. that is going to muff on south and you can weaken. we're not seeing quite as many updrafts as the storms continue on moving to the south. what is left for our area on sentinel radar, we have warnings and we want to you see warnings for charles, preps georges and prince williams until 6:45 and earlier today, a lot of reports of flooding and around fairfax county as we continue to have very heavy downpours in tyson's corner and we'll trap around the vienna area and some high water rescues. one last stop, i want you to see to continue the shower activity, all coming with the frontal system now and that is east of the washington county,
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southwest of gainsville and that is going to be not washington county and washington as we say and that is moving to the south. it doesn't appear to have the lighting in with it that the other storms had and again, reminding you that the severe thunderstorm watch is in effect for saint mary's county and to cambridge and the south and east. and they're whittling away as the storms continue to career the county and check this out. 93 degrees is the high temperature today and our current temperature, 78 degrees. how nice is that? and the temperatures 79 in gaithersburg; frederick, 88 degrees and did not get rain cooled like many other places and in leonardtown, 70 degrees and tomorrow's temperature, 85 degrees and oned from, 86 and the dew points, the humidity really dropping and we think we will keep the next three days very nice. even through the weekend and that is going to stay lovely.
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comfortable tonight, not as piggy and -- muggy. and 60s, many places didn't get cooler than 80 and that is some big changes in the overnight temperature. d this feels cooler and less humid at 85 degrees and as we go through the five-day forecast here, you can see that we're talking about only days in the 80s and by the time we get later into the weekend and closer to monday, it will start warming up a little bit and 89 feels like a bargain considering yesterday was nerve, laura. >> and i will say. great. >> and that is going to be a fun week. >> if you have outdoor plans, you're lucky. >> thank you, sue. >> the united states women's soccer team adds another dramatic socker to the world cup -- soccer to the world cup journey. and a sporting good story. stepping up to the plate to help the fan who caught derek jeter 3,000 hits. christian lopez ended up giving the ball back and the yanks rewarded him with $70,000 in tickets and merchandise and up
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fortunately the gifts could be taxed by the require rise. if so, modell's -- by the irs. modell's could -- from today through july 19th and to help lopez with the tax bill. way to go. 
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>> good evening, we start with the latest in the nfl. tom brady, payton manning and drew brees released a statement saying, quote, we believe the overall proposal is fair for both sides and it's time to get the deal done n. response, the nfl said that we share the view that now is the time to reach an agreement so we can get back to football and a full 2011 season. many say an agreement will be in place for the july 21st
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league meeting. switching gears, semi finals of the women's world cup, the u.s. and france, the ninth minute, no score and heather o'reilly crosses. the second goal of the world cup. the u.s. led 1-0 and here come the french, the 55th minute, the same score, sonia, a former member of the washington freedom sends it into the box and the ball gets by. this game is tied 1-1. the 79th minute, lauren chan oat corner and to the far coast, abby womback and elevating. they head it in and another traumatic goal for the 31-year- old, her 12th career world cup goal, the u.s. wins france, tee -- 3-1. -- 3-1. >> who is willing to leave it in the feel. cheney comes in and with the big goal and with the momentum for us. we had it played perfect. they have the goal on us and in the end, we're in the financials and that is all that matters. >> the u.s. plays japan send in
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the finals. last night, the 82nd all-star game, tyler clifford, with the call in the fourth and would face one batter, adrian beltre and gets the best with the base hit to left. and jose bautista and with the thrill home and in plenty of time. putting the line for the win before the brewers. and going -- and this is with the left center, a three-run shot, the icing on the case. the last time we saw rory mcilroy was on the gulf course and winning at congressional by eight strokes. he's not played in a tournament since. he attended wimbledon, a harry potter premier and heavyweight title fight in gemini. mcilroy is installed as an 8-1 first at the british open that begins tomorrow. >> the first 10 days of, you know, after winning the u.s. open was a bit hectic and trying to see everyone and go here and there and everywhere.
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the last 10 days has been good, i go back into my routine and, you know, been practicing a lot. i have to forget about what happened three weeks ago and going here. trying with the golf tournament. >> and no pressure, right? the capitals signed matthew perot to a one-year contact and jim riggleman expected to interview this week with the giants for a stunning position and that is it for sports. thank you very much, lindsay. now you have the news edge. thank you for joining us tonight. the news is always on keep it here. tmz on tv is coming up next. 
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